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Todays Pastor (Book)
Todays Pastor (Book)

Welcome to AMI Article Archives

Compiled here is a list of all our original articles and teachings. For more about us and our ministry please visit our headquarter site at:

  • What burns in you?
  • What do you want to do for the Lord?
  • What is your vision?

These are three questions that we are here to answer and assist you with on this site. Our mandate is to equip the Body of Christ to do what it was designed to do. Every believer from the moment they are born again receives with the Holy Spirit a desire to do something for the Lord. Each one has a call and each one has a vision.

There are many perhaps who have told you that your vision is too big. Perhaps you have been told that your vision is not practical. Even worse, you have probably found many trying to force their vision on you or to squeeze you into their own vision. Right here at AMI, we want you to know that if God has given you a vision for ministry, that you are the best person to fulfill it.

It is not as easy as that though, is it? Having a passion to do something for the Lord and knowing how are two very different things. This is where AMI plays its most important role in the church. Our mandate is to give you the "know how" to fulfill what already burns in you. We will give you the materials, the training and the backing to simply do what God has told you to do. Your dreams to do something significant for God are right in front of you. Do not step back any longer and let priceless time run through your fingers.

Working with Leaders and Ministers internationally, not only do we have experience 'in the field' but we have a training mechanism and a teaching foundation that is second to none. You will find our resources unique and life-changing, just like so many others who have come before you over the years.

Browse our various divisions to see where you would like to belong.